Are You Willing To Create A Will?

It might be the word "estate" that puts people off from taking this important action, but no one needs to be intimidated by the word or the creation of a will. You don't have to be a millionaire to need a will; everyone who has property and debts needs one. Failing to make out a will could have your loved ones facing a mess, so read on for some more good reasons to stop putting this important task off any longer. Read More 

3 Tips For Getting Divorced On A Budget

Getting divorced is not only emotionally taxing and difficult, but can also be incredibly expensive. If you are on a budget, especially if your spouse earns more money than you do, you may be worried that you won't have as much say in the divorce details. In reality though, reaching an agreeable divorce settlement often comes down to how prepared you are, rather than how much money you have to spend. Read More 

Misleading Divorce Information You May Assume Is True

Following through with the decision to divorce from your partner can be one of the most important and life changing decisions that you will ever make. This makes it critical for you to be thoroughly informed about this process. Otherwise, you will find yourself facing problems and challenges that could have likely been avoided. Myth: It Will Take Years To Return To Normalcy It is common for individuals to be fearful of filing for divorce as a result of it taking years to start living a normal life. Read More 

Four Adoption Myths That Simply Are Not True

The decision to adopt a child is a big one. Not only will your life change forever once you welcome a child into your home, but you will also be having an incredibly positive impact on the life of the child. If you're thinking of adopting, you may have heard some myths than have left you questioning whether or not this is really the right decision for you. However, many of the so-called " Read More 

Life After Divorce: Three Reasons Why A Judge Could Order Alimony Payments To Stop

Alimony is determined by your standard of living. For example, if your spouse cannot live by the standards that they became accustomed to when you were married, you will have to pay alimony in order to uphold the standard they are used to. It doesn't mean that you are at fault for the divorce, it just means that you took financial care of your soon-to-be ex while you were married. Alimony isn't a forever thing, however. Read More