Debunking The Most Common Myths About Child Support

If you're in the process of going through a divorce as a parent, then one of the unfortunate circumstances you'll likely have to face is that of determining who will pay child support and how much needs to be paid. This can be a very complicated aspect of any divorce, but it's important for both divorcing parents to understand the facts behind some of the most common child support myths out there. Read More 

Divorce: Timing And Finance Issues You Need To Consider Before You File

Figuring out the rules for a divorce can be tricky -- and one of the hardest things to figure out may be how you are going to afford everything from basic living expenses to an attorney. Even if money hasn't been tight before, you can find yourself without easy access to funds if you don't do a little pre-divorce planning. If you're thinking about a divorce, this is what you need to keep in mind: Read More 

FAQs For Unmarried Co-Parents

If you are co-parenting a child and not married to the other parent, there are unique issues that can arise. It is important for the physical and emotional welfare of the child that both of you work together to solve issues. To help you and the other parent stay on track, here are some situations to consider. Who Claims the Child When Filing Taxes? Both parents cannot claim the child as a dependent, even if you are co-parenting. Read More 

3 Things You Have To Know About Same Sex Divorce Settlements

Divorce is nobody's cup of tea, but throw in the recent legal developments regarding homosexual marriage into a divorce situation and the whole thing can get really messy. Issues about custody, alimony, property, and a host of other potential problems can rear their ugly head, especially if you live in a state where gay marriage was recently legalized. To help you maneuver this complex jungle of legal and moral factors, here are three things to keep in mind when going through a same-sex divorce. Read More 

Divorce Safety And The Abusive Spouse

The decision to leave a marriage is always difficult, but the decision to leave an abusive spouse can be complicated and dangerous, and requires plenty of preparation before attempting. Try to remain logical and put some safeguards in place before you let your abusive spouse know that what you are planning. Place a high priority on both you and your children's safety by following the guidelines and tips below. Make a plan. Read More