Don’t Let A Lack Of Funds Stop Your Divorce

Many marriages linger on for far too long and sometimes it's because of money issues. Often, only one party in the marriage has enough money to live separately or to pay for the divorce. That type of power imbalance doesn't have to happen, though. Read on and find out what can be done about paying legal and other fees associated with divorce.

Filing Fees and More

To file for divorce, county court filing fees vary but are mostly a few hundred dollars or so. Once the divorce gets underway, other costs may pop up. Whenever you need to use a court reporter, you must pay their fee. Mediation, child studies, forensic accountants, and other sometimes necessary costs also add up. Legal fees, however, are often necessary before much of anything else can be done. The mere thought of being able to afford to pay for a divorce lawyer can have dire consequences on those who are in bad marriages and feel like there is no way out.

Asking for Help

If your spouse makes more money than you and you want to divorce them, speak to a divorce lawyer anyway. Some divorce lawyers might ask you for a small consultation fee for an appointment and that gives you plenty of time to get lots of information and find out about having your spouse pay some or all your legal fees. Your divorce lawyer will take your situation before a family law judge and an income evaluation will be carried out. Be ready to show proof of income (or the lack of income) and if you have good reasons for not being able to pay for your divorce, show that too. Many spouses remain home to care for the couple's children or are suffering from medical or mental conditions that make working impossible. You might wonder why this is possible and it all comes down to a fair divorce. How possible it is to get a fair divorce if only one party can afford to pay for a lawyer? That is why divorces can be granted at no cost to some spouses who show a need.

Fault and Legal Fees

If you have grounds for divorce because of your spouse's wrongdoing, that may be another way to get divorced without funds. Speak to your divorce lawyer about alleging fault and about legal fees. Spouses that cheat, abuse, are criminals, etc. may be asked to pay for the legal fees of the wronged party. You must show proof of the wrongdoing, though.

Speak to a family law attorney to find out more.