What You Need To Know About Marijuana Possession Charges Against Minors

Many states have legalized the sale and use of marijuana products. However, anyone selling or using these goods should not violate state laws. For instance, minors may not have a right to possess marijuana in some states. Therefore, your teen might be in trouble with the state for smoking or peddling weed. This article sheds light on marijuana possession laws for minors and how you can help them avoid getting a harsh judgment for this offense.

Marijuana Possession Laws for Minors

Some states prohibit minors from purchasing, possessing, growing, or consuming marijuana. The latter is sometimes permitted for medicinal purposes. Juveniles who violate these laws may get different punishments if convicted. For instance, a judge may order them to attend a drug awareness program. The individual must complete this program within the allotted time to avoid getting a harsher judgment. The court might also require the minor to pay a fine if they find them guilty. This might be the case if the teen does not provide evidence to prove they were using weed for medical purposes.

The penalties your child might get will depend on your state laws and the severity of their crime. However, it is important to note that you can help them get a more lenient judgment even if facing serious charges. This might be more likely if you hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend the teen. The legal practitioner will build a strong defense, e.g., to prove that your minor had a license to possess the marijuana they had during their arrest.

Defending Your Minor Against Marijuana Charges

Fighting marijuana charges requires adequate preparation. Therefore, it is wise to hire a lawyer as soon as the police arrest your teen. Doing so will enable your attorney to get all the information they need before the commencement of the case. They will start by interviewing your minor to ascertain what transpired before and during the arrest. This will enable your lawyer to determine whether the charges are legitimate. Your attorney will also investigate the arrest to establish whether the police broke any laws. This information enables the lawyer to create arguments they can use to refute the charges. If your lawyer proves that your minor is innocent, the judge may reduce the penalties or dismiss the case.

Although the use and sale of marijuana are legal in many states, minors may not have a right to be in possession of it. Therefore, if the police arrest your kid for marijuana possession, you need to consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer to defend them. They will represent your minor in court to persuade the judge to hand down a lenient judgment.

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