How Can Fathers Get Joint Custody of Children In a Divorce?

It is no secret that your children suffer when your marriage ends in divorce. Custody is one of the main issues that causes conflict when resolving a marriage. If you are the father in the relationship, then you may think that your rights are limited. Read on to find out how you can obtain joint custody.

No Custody Preference

Many fathers play a big role and spend a lot of time with their children. This is often forgotten by society. In the past, it has always been the assumption that the children should stay with their mother during a divorce. However, this assumption is no longer valid in most states.

If you want more time with your children, then you need to learn how to use the legal system. Many fathers make the mistake of going back and forth with their children's mothers. This leads to conflict, and that behavior doesn't look good when you go before the judge to ask for custody.

However, things are looking up for fathers. Judges are considering what is in the best interest of the children when making decisions about custody.

File a Shared Custody Agreement

Some fathers are hesitant to file for joint custody because of not having money for a lawyer. If you want to spend more time with your kids, then you can start the process by filing a shared custody agreement. You do not need a lawyer to file the agreement, but you can benefit from talking to one.

Prove to be a Fit Parent

If you want joint custody, then you are going to have to prove you are a fit parent to the judge. Proving fit means having a stable environment for your child to live in and making responsible decisions for him or her. Other factors your judge may consider are parent-child bond, who the primary caregiver is, and your relationship with the other parent.

Custody Hearing

When you file your petition for custody, you have to schedule a court hearing. You and your ex-spouse have to show up to court on this date. At that time, your judge will hear both sides. He or she will make a decision from the information presented in court.

It is important to hire an attorney, like one from Hofheimer Family Law, as soon as possible after agreeing to a divorce with your spouse. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you prepare your case for court. Legal joint custody allows you to make decisions about your child's welfare, education, and health. It also prevents mothers from using fathers as an ATM machine or as a weekend babysitter.